September 20, 2019

8 Mobile Device Security Threats and Risks

8 Mobile Device Security Threats and Risks

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Smartphones are part of our daily lives. That is a fact for the 2/3 or 66% of the population and that number is expected to only go up through the coming years. By 2020, the projected number of users would be 75% of the whole population.

That’s why the occurrence of attacks and exploitation of smartphones are also on the rise. According to Kaspersky Lab, they found 1 million devices infected with 3.5 million malware installed in the devices.

Were you aware of that? If yes, good for you. But for those who had no clue of the information that was just passed, this is for you. The best way to prevent your device from being infected or exploited is to be aware. Aware of the different ways you and your device can be exploited.

Generally, the security threats and risks come from unsecured networks, vulnerable and under-developed apps, and of course, the web.  You should also consider physical threats since smartphones are easily stolen and that leaves your data open once your phone has been unlocked.

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