August 20, 2019

As Jeremy Hunt Takes On Boris Johnson to Lead U.K., ‘The Gloves Are Off’

As Jeremy Hunt Takes On Boris Johnson to Lead U.K., ‘The Gloves Are Off’

A series of tasks had to be completed before he could carry away his bride, including singing, performing 25 push-ups and finding her shoes. “I had to do three kowtows to the sun,” Mr. Hunt told The Guardian.

A decade later, the couple have three children and Mr. Hunt’s pet name at home is “big rice,” his wife recently told The Mail on Sunday.

In London, his political career was accelerated by Prime Minister David Cameron, who brought Mr. Hunt into the cabinet as culture secretary in 2010, though not without some setbacks. Mr. Hunt’s close ties to the Murdoch empire raised accusations of conflict of interest during its bid for full control of the broadcaster BSkyB.

As a long-serving health secretary, Mr. Hunt waged a fierce dispute with junior doctors, but on the positive side, a long-predicted winter crisis in the health service never materialized. Promoted to foreign secretary in 2018, and taking over after Mr. Johnson’s widely criticized tenure, Mr. Hunt has performed well, though not without some slips.

Most famously, and bizarrely, he referred to his Chinese wife as Japanese. In a crude pitch to right-wingers in the Conservative Party, he likened the European Union to the Soviet Union. And he incorrectly described Slovenia as a former Soviet vassal state (it was, in fact, within the former Yugoslavia, which was outside the Iron Curtain).

But Alistair Burt, a lawmaker and supporter who worked with Mr. Hunt in government, describes him as an effective cabinet minister and manager.

“He’s collaborative; there were a couple of areas where we disagreed, where my natural caution would have led to a different outcome, but I got no sense that he holds grudges against those who have different views,” Mr. Burt said.

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