September 21, 2019

Dan walker: BBC Breakfast hots engage in fiery debate following BBC’s TV licence decision | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Dan walker: BBC Breakfast hots engage in fiery debate following BBC’s TV licence decision | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

The BBC announced this week, that over-75s will no longer receive a free TV licence in a decision that has caused widespread criticism.  Dan was attacked on Twitter for the BBC’s decision and quickly engaged in a fiery spat. Accusing Dan for failing to address the problem on his show, Geoff Harrison tweeted to the host: “TV licence not even being discussed shame on you and the show for not stepping up for the pensioners.”

Not one to hold back on the social media platform, Dan quickly responded to the comment.

Responding, Dan said: “This is just not true.

“We have covered it, asked for viewers comments and are speaking to the man who carried out the review into over-75 licences for the BBC in one of our main interview slots at 7.50am.

“Thanks for watching.”

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Following Dan’s reply, more of his followers quickly attacked the BBC Breakfast host over the recent TV licence decision.

Andy Crawford said: “If you think Dan Walker is not a BBC puppet, you need your head examined.

“He does and says what he’s told and when he is told by the BBC political propaganda department.”

Again, Dan attacked the accusation of a BBC bias by Mr Crawford.

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In a quick retort, Dan said: “Just looked Andy, there is no ‘BBC propaganda department’ and despite your inside knowledge of the organisation.

“I’m afraid I’ve never been told what to say, or not say on air in all the time I’ve worked for them.

“Sorry to ruin your narrative. Excellent rant though.”

Dan was then engaged by another follower but still put up a staunch defence on the decision.

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Concluding the debate, Dan accused one user of “insulting” his co-workers after one user said attacked the staff for being “overpaid”.

The BBC Breakfast man said: “You didn’t make a fair point.

“You insulted me and everyone I work with. Goodbye.”

The BBC’s decision to cut the free TV licence for over-75s was criticised by Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright who admitted he was “very disappointed” by the decision.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6.00am on BBC One.

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