August 19, 2019

ITV GMB: Awkward moment Richard Madeley reads naked Remainers breasts | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

ITV GMB: Awkward moment Richard Madeley reads naked Remainers breasts | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Richard Madeley was compared to fictional television presenter Alan Partridge after awkwardly discussing the body paint Cambridge scholar has been using to protest The economist recently hit headlines when she stripped naked during an interview with BBC veteran reporter John Humphrys to promote her anti-Brexit message. Mr Madeley complimented Dr Bateman for the “beautifully written” words printed on her body as they discussed her campaign.

The Good Morning Britain host said: “I’ll read it since we’ve had to pixelate.

“Across this part, which we probably could show, it says Brexit and then above your right breast it says leaves. above your left breast it says Britain and then under both your breast it says naked.

“So ‘Brexit leaves Britain naked’ but it’s beautifully written in capitals. Who wrote it?”

The exchange had audience members react on Twitter, saying Mr Madeley had had “an accidental moment” as he awkardly talked with Dr Bateman about her decision to use her body to warn against Brexit.


One user said: “Richard Madeley is at it again #AccidentalPartidge”

Another also voiced curiosity about the author of the message on Dr Bateman: “Am I genuinely the only one who wants to know who wrote it?”

Dr Bateman explained: “As an economist, I’m used to using words and equations and in the run-up to the referendum, I must have penned loads of words.

“When it comes to Brexit, I’affecteded by much more than words alone.”

While Mr Madeley appeared mostly unbothered by the nudity, fellow co-host Kate Garraway voiced felt different.

She said: “I think it is a little bit shocking.

“We don’t see naked people who aren’t close to us very often.”

Furthermore, it seemed Ms Garraway had an issue with the nudity and continued to say she was an “exhibitionist”.

Dr Bateman defended: “I am a woman who is in control of my own body and happy to use my body to share an important message.

“Why should I as a woman only be allowed to use my body for sex and babies?”

But the GMB host snapped back: “It is quite distracting.

“Women have fought for a long time for their words to be heard and you’re conflicting them now.”

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