June 15, 2019

Louise Redknapp: Stretch singer reveals who initiated Jamie Redknapp divorce | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Louise Redknapp: Stretch singer reveals who initiated Jamie Redknapp divorce | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Louise Redknapp, 44, said her divorce from Jamie Redknapp, 45, was a mutual decision, but revealed she made the choice to move out of their shared home. The former couple, who share sons Charley, 14, and Beau, 10, split after almost 20 years together in 2017. Discussing the divorce and if she had initiated it, she told The Guardian: “It was more mutual than that but, yes, I moved out.” Louise competed on Strictly Come Dancing with professional dancer Kevin Clifton, 36, in 2016, but despite reports claiming her involvement in the show affected her relationship, she said the show had nothing to do with her marriage break down.

She added: “Strictly put the fire back in my belly, but it didn’t break up my relationship. After 20 years of marriage, it takes a lot more than that.”

Two years ago Louise said she felt like a “stepford wife” and wanted to get back into her music career when discussing their split.

She told Stella Magazine: “I didn’t want to continue running around after everyone else, and occasionally promoting a yogurt or doing a little TV presenting job.

“I wanted to sing, I wanted to perform. I wanted to go back to work on a stage in front of an audience.”

She also told The Telegraph: “I have spent most of my life pleasing everyone else, worrying about being judged and thinking I should always do the right thing by staying at home, looking after my kids and my husband. I lost myself.”

She continued, “I think this happens to a lot of women when they get married and have children. You have this feeling deep inside you, ‘Where did I go?’ But I pushed those thoughts away.

“I’d think of my past life as a pop star as being not reality. Looking after the house and my family was my reality.”

Despite splitting, Louise recently said the pair remain “best friends” and amicably co-parent their sons.

Last month, the Stretch singer spoke out about potentially dating in the future.

She added to The Guardian: “It’s really hard for women. I’m beginning to think I’m never going to meet anyone.

“I’ve not been out for a meal, just me and a guy in a restaurant, in two years. That makes me sound really sad, doesn’t it?”

The mother-of-two also recently revealed she would not sign up for a dating app, such as Tinder.

She told You Magazine: “No way am I ever going anywhere near that.

“Could you imagine? My two younger brothers are on Tinder and they have a horrific time!

“They get blown out, they don’t get replies. I don’t know, I haven’t crossed that bridge yet.”

Louise went on to say she isn’t the type to flirt with men, adding: “I’m quite reserved.”

Elsewhere, Jamie Redknapp was recently pictured out with 34-year-old British model Lizzie Bowden.

In pictures obtained by the Daily Mail, the pair were pictured walking down the street together and sat in the back of a car in Mayfair, London.

It is unknown if Jamie and Lizzie are officially dating.

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