July 17, 2019

Lucifer season 4 spoilers: Tom Ellis speaks out on what fans are ‘really thinking’  | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Lucifer season 4 spoilers: Tom Ellis speaks out on what fans are ‘really thinking’  | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The latest Lucifer= season four promo video features Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer, sitting down with a glass of alcohol and informing new viewers or reminding returning viewers of what has happened before Netflix took over the show.

A significant chunk of the video talks about the romance between Lucifer and Chloe Decker (played by Lauren German) and teases it could finally come together. 

He reminds viewers of how they met and whether she has realised she has fallen in love with him. 

Ellis, speaking directly to fans, says: “But I know what you’re really thinking. Has that detective finally realised that she’s madly in love with me?

“Well, I think she nearly did, but then she saw my true face. Proof that I am indeed the devil.

“So grab a drink. You’ll need one.”

He teases this as a crucial part of season four and the repercussions of Chloe finally seeing him for what he really is. 

Fans loved the recap of past scenes they loved and fell even more in love with Ellis.

One Twitter fan said: “Okay but is it possible to not fall in love with him?”

Another added: “Awww Lucifer sounded kind of melancholy when he was speaking about Chloe. So excited for Lucifer season four.”

Chloe did not believe his true identity and superpowers until he revealed it at the end of season three and it leaves it open whether they manage to rekindle the relationship. 

One thing not in doubt is his desire to be with her. Ellis says: “There’s something special about the detective. She’s the only human I’ve ever met who’s completely immune to my devilish charm.” 

This could be in doubt however, with the introduction of Eve (Inbar Lavi), who is the original sinner and wife of Adam. 

Could she tempt Lucifer from trying to build his and Chloe’s relationship further? 

Previous promos have already teased romance between Lucifer and Eve and suggest Lucifer will have to weigh up whether he wants to continue his redemptive path or return to his more devilish ways. 

Fans believe Eve is the only thing stopping Lucifer and Chloe having a happy ending and completing Lucifer’s redemption. 

The promo also looks back at how Lucifer came to the stage he is at in season four and how he arrived in Los Angeles. 

Netflix has been very proactive in promoting its new show after it signed it up after being dropped by Fox.

Maze star Lesley Ann-Brandt teased fans in a recent interview about the impact moving to Netflix will have on the show. 

She told BriefTake: “I think that the fans are going to die by the finale. [laughs loudly] I mean the humour is there and it gets a lot cheekier and it gets dark at times, more so than we’ve been allowed to being on a network show before.

Fans will have to wait to find out if Chloe can live with who Lucifer really is and whether she will eventually realise she is madly in love with him. 

Lucifer season four arrives May 8 on Netflix

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