August 19, 2019

Peaky Blinders season 5 spoilers: Tommy Shelby to die in major BBC clue – did you spot it? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Peaky Blinders season 5 spoilers: Tommy Shelby to die in major BBC clue – did you spot it? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Peaky Blinders remains one of the most popular dramas on television after its debut five years ago, and its fans have undergone their share of torment.

Season four of the BBC hit saw the beloved John Shelby (played by Joe Cole) murdered in a horrific rain of bullets from the Italian mob Changretta family.

The hit was a huge blow to the Shelby family, and viewers were left flabbergasted when it appeared creator Steven Knight had chosen to kill off yet another member in the season finale.

It turned out Tommy (Cillian Murphy) has actually faked his own brother Arthur Shelby’s (Paul Anderson) death in a final plan to take down the head of the family Luca Changretta (Adrien Brody).

But while season four’s ending was overall a happy one, things could be very different in season five.

For one thing, Tommy is taking on an entirely different role as a politician in the Westminster Houses of Parliament.

Some fans have wondered if this means Tommy is leaving behind the life of crime for good, but in true Peaky Blinders fashion there is sure to be a spectacular twist before the episodes conclude.

And now one site has spotted an alarming clue which could hint at the leader’s ultimate demise.

The Pesky Blunders fansite noticed that in the very first second of the sizzle reel recently released by the BBC, Tommy appears to be dead.

Just left of the frame, a figure can be seen lying on the ground of a field, worryingly still.

But is it the head of the Shelby family, or is there someone else in danger?

What’s more, if it is Tommy, he is set to meet an incredibly brutal end.

In the image, eagle-eyed fans spotted what appears to be a Peaky Blinder being crucified, and speculated that the mystery person can be identified by a very notable flat cap.

As the clip then continues on, Tommy can also be seen arriving in the very same field and dropping his hands in shock.

While this could mean Tommy is in fact staring at the dead victim, fans know things are rarely as they seem in video editing.

The official Peaky Blinders Twitter account added fuel to the fire when they appeared to foreshadow a dramatic finale to episode two.

The caption read: “First day back on set for #PeakyBlinders Series 5.

“You’re sure of a big surprise,” it added ominously.

Peaky Blinders season five returns to BBC One in June.

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