October 16, 2019

Queer Eye season 3: The best moments from season 3 | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Queer Eye season 3: The best moments from season 3 | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Queer Eye season three has finally arrived and is available to stream and download on Netflix now. There were so many incredible moments throughout the eight episodes, with plenty of tears and laughs to be had. Although it is difficult to pick a favourite moment, Express.co.uk spoke to season two hero William Mahnken to find out what the best moments from Queer Eye season three are.

1. Elrod & Sons

In episode six the Fab Five visited the home of Rob Elrod.

Rob had lost his wife Alison to cancer, leaving Rob and their two young sons behind.

Before she passed away, Alison wrote birthday cards to her sons and Rob had kept onto them all.

Although in the episode, the family moved into a brand new home which Bobby decorated, memories of Alison were also incorporated into the home.

Bobby had made a special box with all of the photographs, belongings and cards Alison had left with the words “P.S be nice to your brother” inscribed on the inside.

If that was not nice enough from Bobby, he had the phrase engraved in Alison’s handwriting.

William said: “The Fab 5 have really outdone themselves. The show has really brought out their personalities, while still showing the heroes that they genuinely care.

“Both Shannan and I were hit hard by Elrod and Sons. I can’t even imagine losing Shannan… even right now it’s hitting me, I can’t imagine what Rob went through.

“When Bobby had ‘P.S.- be nice to your brother’ engraved into the chest. Sorry, I can’t.”

Another heartbreaking moment in this episode was when Jonathan Van Ness, spoke with Rob about the death of his stepfather and his mum’s diagnosis with cancer.

It is not often viewers see Jonathan getting this emotional and it was a pretty tough watch.


Queer Eye is streaming on Netflix now

Queer Eye is streaming on Netflix now (Image: NETFLIX)

2. Jones Bar-B-Q

Episode two followed two sisters Deborah aka Little and Mary aka Shorty who run their own BBQ restaurant.

Not only was the restaurant completely refurbished by Bobby, but the two sisters also received incredible makeovers and had their father’s infamous BBQ sauce bottled.

The most emotional moment of all was when Shorty received dental treatment.

Since childhood, she had been missing her front tooth and every time she smiled, she covered her mouth with her hands.

Tan and Jonathan took Shorty to the dentist to have her teeth fixed, reducing them and viewers across the globe to tears.

William said: “That was the biggest cry I have had in any episode (even my own). I have a large gap between my bottom teeth, and I am so self- conscious of it.

“When I talk to people or laugh or even smile, I turn away or cover my mouth. It causes me to slur my speech because I try to hide it, it’s always right there, always on my mind. I was so embarrassed about it that I didn’t even mention it for my episode.

“One day, right before my haircut in the loft, me and Jonathan were talking outside and he kept asking me why I hid my smile, I was reluctant but I finally told him about my gap.

“He told me he loved a gap, and he shared some stories from his past that I don’t think many people know about. It was such an amazing moment and made me love Jonathan even more.

“So when Shorty got her tooth fixed, it hit me… it hit me hard. The happiness in her eyes, after decades of trying to hide it, finally being comfortable enough to show her smile.”


Queer Eye is streaming on Netflix now

Queer Eye is streaming on Netflix now (Image: NETFLIX)

3. Black Girl Magic

In episode five viewers meet Jess, who is 23-years-old from Lawrence, Kansas.

Jess had been on her own since she was 16-years-old after coming out as a lesbian and has been ignored by the family ever since.

Jess also did not know her real family, apart from her biological sister.

She had been suffering from low confidence and had been isolating herself from the people who love her.

In this episode, Jess was reunited with her sister and was given the confidence boost she needed by the Fab Five.

This entire episode was highly emotional, with the Fab Five and Jess breaking down in tears throughout.

William said: “Jess’ episode was really great. And that hairstyle Jonathan gave her, that was amazing.

“I have been following her on Instagram and I love her personality. I would love to hang out with her one day.”


Queer Eye is streaming on Netflix now

Queer Eye is streaming on Netflix now (Image: NETFLIX)

4. From Hunter to Huntee

The first episode of season three featured a woman who wanted to feel more “feminine.”

Jody had always seen her self as a tomboy and more masculine after growing up on a farm surrounded by brothers.

She wanted to feel better about herself and channel her more feminine side that she was insecure to explore.

Jody’s transformation, particularly her hair by Jonathan and clothing by Tan was incredible.

The growth in her confidence and how positive she was feeling was inspirational and the moment when Jonathan taught her how to walk in heels was an iconic moment from this season.

Other notable moments from Queer Eye season three included the debate over how to pronounce squirrel, Antoni’s solo moments and his QE Tips, Jonathan’s Kris Jenner hairstyle, Bruley the dog and Karamo’s motivational speeches throughout each episode.

Queer Eye season three is streaming on Netflix now.

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