July 17, 2019

Seth Meyers Burns Joe Biden’s GOP Optimism

Seth Meyers Burns Joe Biden’s GOP Optimism

Biden, a Democratic candidate in the 2020 election, predicted Tuesday that the end of Trump’s presidency would prompt “an epiphany” among “many of my Republican friends.”

Late Night” host Meyers, however, explained why he doesn’t think that would be the case, noting how the GOP had stonewalled former President Barack Obama throughout his time in office.

“Trump didn’t change the GOP, he turned them loose,” said Meyers. “He’s like a therapist who tells a troubled teen to express his truth and then the kid drives his car into Jamba Juice.”

“Just because Trump is out of office, doesn’t mean Republicans are gonna go back to normal,” he added. “They haven’t been normal in a long time.”

Check out the clip above.

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