September 18, 2019

The Chase: Bradley Walsh laughs as Anne Hegerty reveals saucy admission  | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The Chase: Bradley Walsh laughs as Anne Hegerty reveals saucy admission  | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The Chase returned to television screens tonight with another instalment of the fan-favourite quiz show. 

Bradley Walsh was back hosting and joining him in the Chaser’s chair was Anne Hegerty. 

Another four hopefuls were taking part, and after contestant number one had taken the stand, Anne dropped a saucy revelation which stunned Bradley. 

Andy, a 33-year-old call centre worker successfully answered nine questions correctly in the cash builder and headed to the table with £9,000. 

The presenter asked him who he would like to go up against and Andy replied: “I am most fearful of The Beast [Mark Labbett] but I’d really like to go up against Anne.” 

“Really? Let’s find out who it is, bring on the Chaser,” Bradley exclaimed and out walked The Governess. 

“Here she is! It’s frosty knickers herself. Oh I haven’t seen her for so long, it’s The Governess, Anne Hegerty. Hello Anne,” he continued. 

“Hello Brad and hello Andy the call centre manager,” she replied. “I used to get people calling me all the time when I was in the bath. 

“I stopped that though. I switched to Skype!” Anne joked. “Can’t think why they stopped calling!” 

The camera then panned to Bradley and he was seen doubled over laughing at her remark.

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While Anne was on top form for humour, it seems today’s players were just too good. 

Andy managed to kick off the jackpot fund with his £9,000, but when it was Chris’ turn, a 74-year-old retired teacher, she got the game heated. 

The sum she achieved in the cash builder wasn’t enough for her and she took a gamble going high. 

Thankfully, the risk paid off and she added a whopping £34,000 to the prize fund. 

It was then 24-year-old student Tom’s turn, who said he would like to win £15,000 to pay for a surgery he had planned. 

Luckily, he brought his A-game and headed to the board with another £9,000. 

While he was tempted to go high and take a step closer to Anne for the chance of adding £51,000 to the jackpot, his fellow players advised him to take the -£6,000 and join them in the final chase. 

Those watching at home then saw the three players get 19 steps, but it was a close call as to whether or not they would go home empty handed. 

With a couple of slip-ups, Anne ran out of time and Andy, Chris and Tom each went home with £15,000 in their pockets. 

Discussing their win, Bradley said it was “sensational” and Anne remarked on the game being “very, very good”. 

The Chase airs weekday evenings at 5pm on ITV. 

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