August 19, 2019

The Difference Between Locked and Unlocked Android Phones

The Difference Between Locked and Unlocked Android Phones

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Buying a brand new smartphone or tablet these days can be a headache. Unlike before, you can simply go and purchase a phone from a store. Now, you have several options that you need to think about before making a purchase.

Among these options, you have the option to buy a locked smartphone and an option to purchase an unlocked one. However, what is a locked and an unlocked smartphone anyway and what’s the difference?

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Locked vs Unlocked Phone: What is the Difference?

Before anything else, let’s be clear about the type of “Locked vs Unlocked” phone that we are pertaining about. Basically, locked phones are phones that only work with a certain telecom cellular carrier company. Example, you bought a Samsung Galaxy S10 from T-Mobile. That specific phone will only work with a T-Mobile SIM card for its cellular communication feature to function properly. If you try a different non-T-Mobile SIM card, you will get an error “Phone Not Allowed: MM#6 Error.” This error means that you are prohibited from using a different SIM card other than T-Mobile. This is the case for locked phones.

On the other hand, unlocked phones will simply accept any SIM Card from any telecommunication company that works and functions in your specific country. For example, an unlocked phone will work with either a T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon SIM card. Unlocked phones are simply not anchored, tethered or linked to any carrier.

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