July 18, 2019

Underground & In Ground Trampoline Models

Underground & In Ground Trampoline Models

If you want a trampoline which won’t stand out in your backyard you can easily choose the in-ground model. As the name says, the in-ground trampoline is a special type of trampoline that installs into the ground, leaving only the frame and the jumping mat above the surface. That way you can avoid climbing into the trampoline and you can (or don’t have to) use the enclosure with it, since it is not elevated from the ground.

The underground trampoline comes in different shapes and sizes, like a traditional trampoline, so you can adjust it to the shape and size of your backyard. They aren’t that popular as the traditional trampolines, especially because people aren’t aware that they exist.

In Ground Trampoline

Besides that, they are more challenging because you have to secure trampoline to the ground, which is not as easy as it seems. After all, you have to dig a stable hole that won’t fall down during, even after the entire buried trampoline installation.

As you can imagine, the in-ground trampoline cost is higher than traditional ones because of the installation so I would recommend it only for people who are handy and experienced with working in the ground and people with a healthy budget, who can hire a professional to install the ground level trampoline.

If you can do all that, then I want you to read the reviews of underground trampoline models I have gathered for you. Like I have already said, they come in different sizes and I want to show you the most popular ones, the round in-ground trampoline models and one square underground trampoline. You can choose them by the size or by the shape and to decide which one is better, read my reviews below.

Best In-ground Trampoline Models

JUMP POWER In-ground Rectangular Trampoline

This underground trampoline is the only rectangle trampoline on this list because it is hard to find a rectangle trampoline, even harder to find the rectangle in-ground trampoline. The good thing is that it comes in two sizes, but you have to be sure that the size you want is in stock so you can order it. If it isn’t you can settle with the other size since they aren’t that different.

JUMP POWER In-ground Rectangular Trampoline

This ground level trampoline is very durable. It is made of 16-gauge solid galvanized steel frame so you can be sure it will provide you and your family a safe entertainment. The same thing is with the jumping mat and the enclosure system so you can be sure that it is not some cheap model.

The safety enclosure uses curved poles which are also made of steel and they make sure that it is up and tight every second of the trampoline session for your kids. The jumping mat is made of durable materials and it has a logo in the middle, which is great because you can say to your kids to stay as close to the logo possible. That way you can avoid any injuries connected with the enclosure or the spring system.

JUMP POWER In-ground Trampoline

The springs are made of galvanized steel so they are well protected from the weather. Besides that, they are covered with a safety pad so you can be sure that your kids can’t touch them while entering the trampoline.

The quality of this built-in trampoline should be questionable since it meets or even exceeds all Global Safety Standards and it comes with rust-resistant materials like galvanized steel.

Avyna Pro-Line Underground Trampoline

The next trampoline I want to share with you is a round trampoline made to entertain you and your entire family. It is a good quality trampoline, but it comes only in one size and one color.

Avyna Pro-Line Underground Trampoline

This round floor trampoline is made of high-quality materials and it is made to last. The best proof of that is its lifetime warranty on the frame, which is the most important part of every trampoline.

Since this is an in-ground trampoline, it doesn’t require the enclosure around the jumping mat so it is not included in the pack. The size of the trampoline is pretty big and if you tell your kids to jump around the logo (in the middle of the jumping mat) you can be sure that they will have a great time, but they will also be completely safe.

Avyna Underground Trampoline

The entire construction – frame and the springs, are made of galvanizes steel so you can be sure it will be a long-lasting backyard equipment. The trampoline is very impressive in the construction and the warranty department, so you can consider a pretty low in-ground trampoline cost for its features.

The installation is also pretty simple but if you are afraid you will do something wrong, you can easily hire a professional or ask a fellow handyman for a help. That is why we have friends and neighbors, right?

Plum® Unisex Circular in-Ground Trampoline

The next trampoline is again a round trampoline but this one is more adjustable to you and your backyard. It comes in different sizes so you can choose the 10ft trampoline or other sizes. If you aren’t sure which one is better for your backyard, make a circle where you want to put the trampoline and try to imagine it standing there.

Plum® Unisex Circular in-Ground Trampoline

Just like other trampolines on the market, this one is made of galvanized steel and it is a good quality trampoline. The jumping mat and the safety cover on the trampoline are both made of weather-resistant materials because this is an outdoor trampoline and you can’t remove it that easily once you install it in the ground.

Be careful and follow instruction for installation of the trampoline because it provides a good bounce. That means that there should be enough room below the jumping mat for the mat to stretch before you bounce off it.

Plum in-Ground Trampoline

The recommended age for the trampoline is above 6 years old. Although it is an underground trampoline and it is not elevated from the ground, we still think that the person who is jumping on it should be careful not to jump out of the jumping mat.

That is why we strongly recommend focussing on the logo in the middle of the jumping mat so you can be sure that you are jumping in the center and not at the end of the jumping mat. that is the best way to avoid any types of accidents and injuries.

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